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We are Levin

About us

The problem

In 2018, there was a boom occurring in impact driven tech;

FinTech was providing for the underbanked, HealthTech was driving innovation in healthcare, GreenTech was fighting climate change, EdTech was making education more accessible, and AI was on the cusp of it’s boom in households everywhere. However, these companies were severely limited by their ability to find great people. They had access to huge amounts of capital, but all CEOs listed talent acquisition as the number one obstacle to achieving their company objectives and therefore get their amazing products out into the world.

There was no “go-to” recruitment market leader, yet these businesses were trying to build high-impact products and hire, rapidly.

Similarly, there was not any existing major recruitment business committed to these sectors. Large scale businesses such as Hays, Page Group, Robert Walters, Randstad and others were deeply entrenched through decades of working in incumbent end markets, unable to pivot at speed toward new trends. Meanwhile, smaller agile boutique recruitment businesses could not cope with the escalating demand and rapid scaling of these sectors.

The opportunity

The solution

Levin exists to solve this problem.

We have built the first multi-sector talent marketplace for the global technology ecosystem, to connect high-impact businesses with the key talent they require to build companies that will change the world.

If tech is here to stay as the main driver of change in the world, and talent is the key problem these companies face, then Levin is working towards becoming the most impactful and therefore valuable platform for talent in the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to leave a lasting positive impact on the world by connecting tech specialists and inspirational leaders with high-impact businesses in Fintech, HealthTech, GreenTech, EdTech and Generative AI globally.

By helping our clients, we will create a world where financial literacy, mental & physical health, sustainability for the planet, retail and supply chains, and universal access to education is the norm.

Our values

Our values are the beliefs and principles that drive our business


Honesty is our moral compass
Be genuine, be true
Keep it real, always


Performance fuels our success
Raising the bar, setting new standards
Genuine effort, exceptional performance
Real dedication, remarkable results


Responsibility is our backbone
We do what we say, we own what we do
Owning our actions, delivering with pride
Act with integrity, for our customers and for ourselves


Impact is how we grow
Making careers, not placements
Inspire through impact, be champions of change
Leave a legacy

About Levin

Levin is comprised of five tech recruitment brands

Each is a specialist in their subsector, operating across Europe and North America.

Since launching in 2019 we have received a private equity investment of $6million to scale up our vision of Connecting Tech Talent, growing our operation within Europe and North America.

Now with international offices in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg and New York and a headcount ~250, we are quickly becoming the recruitment arm of the sectors we operate in.

We are Levin


Flagship brand Storm2 launched in 2019 to connect senior and C-Suite FinTech leaders with businesses serving the underbanked, levelling the playing field for wealth creation, and driving financial literacy up globally.

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Storm3 launched in 2020 following the steep rise of new digital technologies, big data analytics and sophisticated AI in HealthTech. Storm3 connects specialist talent to businesses creating equal opportunity for access to healthcare, providing innovative solutions to long term health problems, and building a healthier world for all.

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Storm4 shortly followed at the tail end of 2020 connecting GreenTech organisations with the talent to drive their mission for a more sustainable tomorrow. They work with businesses creating environmentally friendly products or services that impact how we behave, and how we operate as a world in order to turn the dial on climate change.

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Storm6 launched in 2022 connecting EdTech organisations with the talent to change the future of education. They work with businesses creating tools fostering collaboration in the classroom, and platforms focused on providing universal access to digital learning.

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StormAI is our most recent launch in 2023 connecting Generative AI organisations with the talent to change the future of education. They work with businesses creating tools in the generative AI space and exceptional individuals at the forefront of AI innovation. 

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